The first year ends here at The Randy Report

The first year ends here at The Randy Report
Well, as 2011 draws to an end in a few short hours, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who comes and reads my rants; listens to my eclectic choice of music; finds any bit of enlightenment or news; laughs, cries or finds some  inspiration in the stories that cross The Randy Report.  
And of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my public obsessions with Joe Manganiello and Ben Cohen 🙂
It’s been an amazing first year.
My first month I had 3,000 hits here at The Randy Report.  Just under a year later, the stats counter shows 53,509 hits for December!  
For the year, you guys hit me up 282,537 times.  Seriously – all of you – you rock.
The top viewed posts of the year – appropriately – are a mix of politics, music and just plain funny.  
My post on Ben Cohen retiring to fight bullying was the #1 post.  
Olivia Newton-John celebrating NYC Gay Pride as marriage equality in NY state passed into law was also at the top of the chart – a perfect combination of all things Randy Report.
Also, the funny photo of the lazy neighbors Christmas decorations was also near the top.  Ah, comedy!
In addition to The Randy Report, I was lucky to be picked up for many articles by LGBTQnation and other news aggregators, which was very flattering (“you like me! you really like me!”).
AND I wrote three magazine cover stories for QVegas Magazine, the largest LGBT magazine in Nevada.
I can’t tell you how much I enjoy writing here each day.  And the fact that you all show up means more than I can truly express.

Part of my starting The Randy Report was a reaction to friends who would sometimes be surprised at not having a clear understanding of some current event.  And I realized that I wanted to help explain why some people stand where they do on issues, and what’s in play underneath the surface – especially regarding issues of equality.

I also like to entertain or make folks laugh, so a lot of The Randy Report is aimed at giving readers a break from the day, to “go elsewhere” for a minute.

Thank you very much for being a part of The Randy Report.  It’s much fun when you’re here.
See you all in the New Year!

Forward.  No fear.