Film: “Legalize Gay”

A new generation is leading the campaign for LGBT equality, often in parts of the country hostile to gay and lesbian rights. “Legalize Gay” captures the courage and passion of these young activists, gay and straight, who are determined to close the deal on full equality for the LBGT community. A film by Christopher Hines.

With appearances by:
• Hudson Taylor, the college wrestler turned LGBT advocate
• Daniel Hernandez, who gained notoriety when he aided Rep. Gabbie Giffords after she was shot in Tucson
• Claire Buffie, Miss New York, the first contestant in Miss America’s history to make LGBT equality her platform
• Brian Sims, the first openly gay college football captain who is now looking to make history again in his bid for a seat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives
• Ben Cohen, the rugby star turned LGBT advocate and founder of the StandUp Foundation
and many others

The film is slated to premiere on Logo next year, but the director has joined with the organization Campus Pride for exclusive advanced screenings, accompanied by an educational guide to encourage activism in the campaign for LGBT equality.