Film director of “Innocence of Muslim” found; apparently duped by producer

In the beginning, the inflammatory film Innocence of Muslims was called Desert Warriors — when it was just some schlocky, lucky-if-it-ever-makes-it-to-DVD film about people not named Mohammed killing each other in the desert — and its director was a fellow named Alan Roberts.

If Gawker’s got the story right, then Roberts, like the actors involved with the project, had no idea Desert Warriors would be detoured by a crazed Copt, meth-maker, and petty criminal Nakoula Basseley Nakoula — overdubbed, re-edited, and turned into anti-Islamic propaganda.

Roberts, it seems, isn’t anti-Islam at all.

From Gawker:

Until the release of Innocence of Muslims, the 65-year-old Roberts has had an unremarkable career as a small-time director and editor. His directing credits include some softcore porn from the 70s and 80s like 1977’s Young Lady Chatterly, The Sexpert and The Happy Hooker Goes to Hollywood, third of the Happy Hooker trilogy.

Roberts is more accomplished as a film editor, with 28 editing credits, including the 2003 Johnny Knoxville/Christina Applegate vehicle Grand Theft Parsons. In the mid-2000s, he ran a digital post-production facility called Genesis Post-Production according to a press release for a documentary about Burning Man where he’s credited as producer.

Since Innocence of Muslims improbably became the most talked-about film in the world, Roberts has understandably been “laying low.”

Via Towleroad