‘Fantasy Island’ Gets The Reboot Treatment On FOX

The popular 1970s/80s TV series Fantasy Island is getting the reboot treatment

As a youngster, my Saturday nights were usually spent at home watching TV totally safe fare like The Love Boat and Fantasy Island.

Now, the folks at FOX TV are giving Fantasy Island the reboot treatment.

The original series aired on ABC from 1977 to 1984. The series starred Ricardo Montalbán as the mysterious host, Mr. Roarke, and Hervé Villechaize as his assistant, Tattoo.

Here’s the synopsis for the reboot:

A modern semi-anthology series, FANTASY ISLAND takes place at a luxury resort, where literally any fantasy requested by guests is fulfilled, although they rarely turn out as expected. Delving into the “what if” questions — both big and small — that keep us awake at night, each episode will tell emotional, provocative stories about people who arrive with dreams and desires and depart enlightened and transformed through the magical realism of Fantasy Island.

Roselyn Sanchez (“Devious Maids,” “Grand Hotel”) stars in the series as Elena Roarke, a descendant of the iconic Mr. Roarke. Elena set aside her own ambitions, and even the love of her life, to uphold her family’s legacy. Like her predecessor, she’s sophisticated, insightful and always charming.

Kiara Barnes (“The Bold and the Beautiful”) stars as Ruby Akuda, who arrives on Fantasy Island with a terminal illness and is given a new lease on life there; and John Gabriel Rodriquez (“Miranda’s Rights,” “Rosewood”) as pilot Javier, who also is the head of island transportation and a jack of all trades.

You may recall a one-season revival of the series was attempted in 1998. In February 2020, a horror film adaptation was released.

The new series premieres Tuesday, August 10, on FOX at 9 p.m. ET.

The anthology series Fantasy Island returns to TV this August

p.s. In case you were wondering – nope, there’s no reboot currently on the horizon for The Love Boat.