Extreme right-wing Christian group to protest Dallas Cowboys over signing Michael Sam

Anti-gay conservative activist Jack Burkman

Well, sadly, we all knew this was coming.

GOP lobbyist and conservative activist Jack Burkman says his extreme right-wing Christian group American Decency will protest this Sunday’s Dallas Cowboys game over the signing of out NFL-er Michael Sam:

Jack Burkman heads the group which claims to have 3.62 million members in 41 states. Burkman says, “We cannot just stand idly by as Christian values and morals are trampled. We will do whatever we can to preserve family values in this country.”


Some callers to 105.3 The Fan made verbal tackles against Sam. One caller said, “I don’t want my kids looking up to me and say Daddy, what does that mean that he’s gay?” But other fans say with the Cowboy‎’s weak defense, they may need Michael Sam’s strengths. “If he can use the speed to get around the corner and get to the quarterback, hey, that’s all we need.”

You’ll recall that back in May, Burkman announced he would boycott any NFL team that signed Sam.

In February, he proposed a federal law banning gay athletes from the NFL.