Exposing Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council

MSNBC rejected this ad asking them to explain why they’ve invited Tony Perkins, a hate group leader who lies about LGBT people, onto their network 23 times in the past 16 months, more than any other network.

It’s a question 20,000 people of faith have demanded an answer to, but MSNBC has refused to answer and continues to give Perkins a national platform.

I watch MSNBC every day. And it has always confounded me that occasionally Tony Perkins pops up on the network. The Southern Poverty Law Center designated Perkins’ group – The Family Research Council – a hate group in 2010.

From the SPLC website: “In 2003, former Marine and Louisiana state representative Anthony Richard “Tony” Perkins became president of the FRC after a failed 2002 run for one of Louisiana’s U.S. Senate seats. Under his leadership, the group continues to peddle its false claims about homosexuality and has made combating the “homosexual agenda” a seemingly obsessive interest.”