Excellent commentary on marriage equality – Elizabeth Danu

Excellent commentary on marriage equality – Elizabeth Danu

Terrific article on the eventuality of marriage equality on Yahoo News by Elizabeth Danu. Here’s just some excerpts:

Despite the efforts of conservatives who fear that allowing gay couples the dignity of marriage will cause an apocalypse, the tide is turning relentlessly toward allowing gay marriage. Like it or not, it’s here to stay. Washington is on the verge of becoming the seventh state to make same sex marriage legal, according to the Associated Press.

The legal process of making unfair discrimination going away has always been lengthy and difficult, but eventually it happens. It’s called progress. This morning I was listening to the radio to commentary about Proposition 8. The parallel was drawn between gay marriage and interracial marriage, which at one time was illegal. I’m sure somebody thought the sky would fall and the Earth open to swallow us all if we allowed people of different races to marry, but ultimately reason won out.

What will happen if same sex couples are allowed to marry? They will. So what? Now can we focus on something important, like fixing the economy, creating some jobs, ending global warming?

Women had to fight for the vote too, which in hindsight was absurd. Someday the absurdity of Proposition 8 will be just as obvious.

Read the entire article on Yahoo News.