ENDA bill to be introduced to Congress this week

ENDA bill to be introduced to Congress this week

Rep. Barney Frank plans to introduce the Employment Non-Discrimination Act to Congress this Wednesday.

The bill, reported to be the same exact bill that was introduced in the 111th Congress, would prohibit most employers from discriminating in hiring and promotions on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Chances are extremely slim that it will move forward considering the Republican controlled House, but Rep. Barney Frank says he wants to use the opportunity to talk about the issue of LGBT discrimination in the work place with those who supported the bill in the past but couldn’t get past the transgender component of the bill.

Last year, according to Rep. Frank “We have work still to do and we have overwhelming — over 90 percent — support on the Democratic side for ENDA based on sexual orientation and we had, in the last Congress, about 30 Republicans that way. Unfortunately, there’s a drop-off from that number to transgender, and this is a chance to work hard to sway those who are committed to ENDA to support the full transgender inclusion as well.”

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