Ellen takes on Hallmark for “Don we now our FUN apparel”

Ellen Degeneres took on Hallmark and their recent fumble as they introduced an new Christmas tree ornament with a popular holiday lyric – BUT they changed a word: “Don we now our FUN apparel.”

Several people feel the greeting card giant made an unusually political statement by changing the lyric.

The company, which is more known for apolitical greeting cards wishing a boss a happy retirement, issued a statement to media outlets explaining the history of the song dating back to the 1880s, a time “when “gay” meant festive or merry.”

“Today it has multiple meanings, which we thought could leave our intent open to misinterpretation,” the statement said. “The trend of wearing festively decorated Christmas sweaters to parties is all about fun, and this ornament is intended to play into that, so the planning team decided to say what we meant: “fun.” That’s the spirit we intended and the spirit in which we hope ornament buyers will take it.”

Check out Ellen’s take below: