Down Under: Homophobic campaign ad not going over well

Ugly politics happening down under as politician, Bob Katter, has begun running a nasty, anti-gay, homophobic ad. The ad is so disdainful that his gay half-brother has issued a rebuttal to the hate-inciting campaign ad.

The ad was meant to highlight the Liberal National Party leader’s personal support for gay marriage.

It was condemned as homophobic by gay and lesbian groups and the leaders of both major Queensland political parties.

It was also blamed for sparking a homophobic and racist graffiti attack on a Queensland minister’s office.

After speaking out against the commercial on Monday, Carl Katter – Bob Katter’s half brother – says he felt compelled to make a new advertisement with the activist group GetUp.

“It was sad, it was sick and I knew somebody had to respond,” he said in a statement.

Here is Carl Katter’s rebuttal: