Donate to defeat anti-gay Amendment One in North Carolina

Donate to defeat anti-gay Amendment One in North Carolina

On September 13th, the North Carolina Legislature proposed an amendment to the Constitution that would ban legal recognition for all unmarried couples, strip protections and benefits from families across our state, hurt our business climate and economic development and put our children in danger.

The Coalition to Protect North Carolina Families is a coalition of groups, individuals and families dedicated to defeating this amendment at the polls on May 8 and protecting North Carolina from the harms it represents.

The Heritage Foundation, NOM and other anti-gay groups who fund these kinds of harmful amendments around the country are coming in with millions of dollars to try and misinform all of North Carolina about this amendment.

Protect All Families has launched a “moneybomb” to raise funds to help raise awareness and spread the truth about writing hate into the North Carolina constitution.

Please donate what you can to help Protect All Families by going here.