Donald Trump on being trumped

The “Donald” takes much, much credit and pats his own back over and over regarding “getting the President” to release his birth certificate.

Throughout the painful interview with John King, Trump repeats made up facts and figures that he can’t substantiate.

When asked about releasing his tax returns – which he said he would do “when Obama releases his birth certificate” he waffles and won’t give an answer.

When he quotes a CNN poll that supposedly had him tied with Obama, King tells Trump that no such poll has ever been done at CNN. The “Donald” gets angry and insists King is wrong. He promises to find it and show it to King and CNN. He never gets back to CNN with it.

He speaks about how successful he is yet he’s filed bankruptcy three times.

This is such a carnival barker trying to “gin up” business for his brand. I can’t see this man ever releasing any tax returns or real information about himself. He makes up facts and vagaries with no foundation of proof. Can we really see this leading our country?

Talk about sideshows and carnival barkers…