Donald Trump Goes After “Very Weak” AG Jeff Sessions Again

Donald Trump Goes After “Very Weak” AG Jeff Sessions Again
Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Donald Trump continued his “Sessions obsession” by emasculating Attorney General Jeff Sessions in early morning tweets this morning, calling the AG “VERY weak:”

This comes just a day after he called Sessions “beleaguered” on Twitter while asking why more wasn’t being done to look at Clinton’s “crimes.”

Of course, the FBI did an exhaustive investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails and concluded last year there was nothing there to prosecute.

Sessions was the first U.S. Senator to support Trump during the campaign and has been extremely loyal to the Trumpster. Trump’s anger comes from Session recusing himself from any investigation into Russian meddling in the election. Trump told the New York Times last week he would have picked someone else if he’d known Sessions would recuse himself.

You can only imagine Trump expected Sessions to be a firewall between him and any investigations. #illegal

Radio host Hugh Hewitt asked Trump’s new Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci, if Trump wants Sessions out and Scaramucci responded, “You’re probably right.”

Listen below.