Donald Trump Continues Whining As Americans Face Losing Unemployment Benefits

Donald Trump plays golf and complains on Twitter as unemployment benefits for 14 million Americans expire today

While approximately 14 million Americans are facing the expiration of their unemployment benefits today, Donald Trump is maintaining a full schedule of golf and griping about his failed reelection attempt.

Trump surprised Congress by denouncing the recent COVID relief bill which was considered a done deal after being hammered out between House and Senate leaders alongside Trump’s own Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin.

After the passage of the stimulus package, which would extend unemployment benefits for those affected by the pandemic, Donald Trump threw a grenade into the negotiations demanding $2,000 payments to eligible Americans. Democrats say they are down for the increased checks, but Republicans have said that figure is dead on arrival in the Senate.

Trump also wants legal protections for tech companies (like Twitter which has regularly tagged his tweets as ‘disinformation’) to be terminated so they can be sued.

CBS News reported that the coronavirus relief and government spending bill was being flown to Florida Thursday evening for the president to sign — or veto — should he choose to do so.

Amid his post-Christmas Twitter rant, Trump blamed Republicans for not fighting to overturn the results of the presidential election, as well as the “Justice” department and the FBI.

The Donald also attacked the Supreme Court for refusing to take a look at “absolute proof” of “massive election fraud” that allegedly took place.

Meanwhile, dozens of Team Trump lawsuits have failed in courts across the nation. Many of those challenges were ruled against by Republican-appointed judges, and even Trump appointees.