Dog gets prosthetic limbs after being victim of drug ring

Thanks to Milagros Caninos – a rescue center in Mexico – Pay de Limon (lemon pie) has recovered from gruesome injuries believed to be inflicted by a drug cartel.

Pay de Limon was found in a dumpster last year with his front paws cut off, a result of possible “torture practice” by a drug cartel. Apparently, this is how drug dealers learn to cut off fingers of kidnapped human beings in drug wars. Mutilation is unfortunately common in the drug world.

According to the Toronto Sun, the rescue center raised more than $6,000 in order to buy Pay de Limon’s prosthetic limbs from a company in Colorado. Molds of the dog’s legs were sent to OrthoPets, a company that “biomechanically correct orthotics and prosthetics for animals.”

Fortunately, Limon can now move around the rescue center almost normally, and is “gradually getting used to wearing the prosthetics,” according to NTDTV. The dog is an example of the staggering human and animal casualties from the drug war.

I can’t imagine someone so hideous that they could live with themselves after inflicting this kind of injury on an animal.

What is beautiful is this dog’s spirit in moving on. We have two dogs who are back surgery survivors; both of whom might have lost the use of their back legs. Fortunately through hard work, Bruno and Bandit recovered. During the first surgery with Bruno, we were faced with the idea that Bruno might have needed “wheels” for his back legs for the rest of his life. At the time, the surgeon explained that dogs have an innate sense to cope and move on.

Dogs never cease to inspire me.