Delta Goodrem trending in the news today

So I’m seeing stories today that my friend Delta Goodrem is trending a lot on news websites.

Apparently the news is she’s dating Nick Jonas. Good for her if it’s true. She’s an amazing person and a great singer.

I met Delta through Olivia Newton-John a few years ago, and found her to be lovely, talented and extremely gracious.

For US folks, you may not know her but she’s one of the very biggest recording artists in Australia. She and Olivia are friends, and they’ve performed together a few times.

More recently she and Olivia wrote a song – “Right Here With You” – to help raise funds for the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre in Australia that Olivia has been instrumental in building. My husband was in the studio when Olivia and Delta wrote it, and he was so moved by the song the first time they sang it for him.

You can hear the song here – Right Here With You

I really like Delta and hope for her happiness. She’s a terrific person.

By the way – did I mention yet that she’s gorgeous???

Delta Goodrem trending in the news today
With Delta and my friend Sean at a party

Delta Goodrem trending in the news today
Olivia and Delta with Michael, my husband

Delta Goodrem trending in the news today
Australia’s favorite recording artists – Olivia and Delta after performing together at L.A. Pride