David Archuleta to leave music for a two year Mormon mission

American Idol Season 7 runner-up David Archuleta announced to a crowd in his hometown Salt Lake City that he has decided to go on as a full-time missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS). The crowd cheered as David cried.

“I can’t tell you how special it’s been being able to come back here,” he told fans. “There’s no place like home. I always say that. While I’m home in front of you guys here tonight, I would like to make a special announcement that I’ve chosen to serve a full-time mission.”

In LDS, it is strongly encouraged for young men to served a full-time mission for approximately two years. During the two years on a mission, the missionary is dedicated 100% to serving others and teaching people about Jesus Christ. A Mormon in mission won’t be able to listen to music that isn’t religious, and music with any romantic lyrics will be banned.