Daily Dance: Wedding Reception Flash Mob Goes Viral

When Isaiah and Taylor Green-Jones got married in Portland, Oregon on August 4th, the couple knew they wanted to do something special for their wedding reception guests.

“We’d always wanted to do a dance video, but had never made a routine,” share Taylor, 35, with Good Morning America.

Working with a colleague, Taylor choreographed a flash mob to Beyonce’s “Before I Let Go” and Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road.”

The couple told GMA they rehearsed for a month before the big day.

“Everyone was surprised at the wedding,” says Isaiah. “No one knew, so there was a lot of cheering, a lot of yelling. It was great.”

The response to the now-viral video has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Online, there was a lot of support. I think people felt inspired … because this video showed a little piece of light in the midst of a lot of negative energy out there,” he shared.

According to ABC News, the two hope that the video shows others “the importance of supporting folks and celebrating love, no matter what that looks like.”

(lead image via Facebook)