COVID-19 Deaths Set New Single-Day Record (Again)

The U.S. set a new single-day record for COVID-19 deaths on Wednesday

As Americans watched the violent invasion of the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, the COVID-19 pandemic continued its own ‘invasion’ of the nation as the U.S. reported a new single-day record for deaths due to the coronavirus.

From the New York Times:

Officials reported at least 3,964 new coronavirus deaths in the United States on Wednesday, a new single-day record, though delayed recording because of the holidays might have played a role. The daily death toll in New Hampshire, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania also set records.

Some states also reported single-day case records, while Illinois became one of five states that have now recorded their millionth case since the pandemic began.

In Arizona, which is beginning the new year with a higher rate of new cases than any other state, hospitalizations and deaths set records in the past few days. Over the past week, the state has averaged more than 8,000 cases a day, more than double the summer peak.

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