Concord Monitor: “Don’t tamper with same-sex marriage law”

Concord Monitor: “Don’t tamper with same-sex marriage law”

Excellent editorial in the New Hampshire Concord Monitor yesterday. Well-written and spells out why same-sex marriage should NOT be repealed in the state. In the article, the paper addresses some of the traditional arguments made against same-sex marriage.  Here are just a few:

Marriage is between one man and one woman. This is more of a declaration than an actual argument. In fact, it’s a declaration of bigotry. After all, who gets to define marriage? Those already married? Without a compelling reason to deny marriage to gay people, a statement like this is hard to take seriously.

But marriage has been restricted to heterosexuals for thousands of years. Many traditions outlive their usefulness. Slavery was an ancient practice too, after all. So was barring women from participation in politics. Once upon a time, people with disabilities were routinely locked away in institutions. Mercifully, times change.

Marriage is for procreation. In many cases, yes. But infertile, straight couples marry all the time. So do those uninterested in having kids. Those past their child-bearing years aren’t forced to divorce. Having children isn’t the only thing that brings couples together.

As the GOP nominees head to New Hampshire, and the state legislature gets ready to debate repeal of marriage equality, this comes at a good time.

Read the entire editorial here.