Colorado civil unions bill fails – again

Colorado civil unions bill fails – again

Yet another attempt to pass civil unions in Colorado has failed, and
apparently not because the legislation lacked the requisite votes.

During a special legislative session called by Gov. John
Hickenlooper, the GOP-controlled House State, Veterans, and Military
Affairs Committee voted 5-4 along party lines against the bill, which
prevented a full House vote.

Just weeks ago, the bill, already passed by the senate, had cleared
the House Judiciary Committee, gaining support from a key GOP member.
Several Republicans had indicated that they would vote in favor,
potentially reversing a failed attempt last year to pass civil unions.

But the committee vote killed that possibility. One GOP committee
member who opposed the bill and has a gay son explained that a “yes”
vote would have been at direct odds with a constitutional amendment
against marriage equality passed by Colorado voters in 2006, the Denver Post reports.

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