Colleges with a history of Gay Pride

Colleges with a history of Gay Pride

In honor of Gay Pride Month, the folks over at have compiled a list of “10 Colleges with a History of Gay Pride.” 

The list includes colleges that took pioneering steps to be inclusive and respectful to the LGBT community when the concept was still new.

Because the country is still slowly growing to accept sexual and gender identity minorities, this means many college students head off to their higher education careers isolated, lonely, depressed — or worse. Most campuses these days offer some semblance of a support structure to ensure a safe experience for all LGBT students, and queer studies courses, minors, and majors have started popping up in catalogs across the country. And it’s all thanks to some of the following pioneers, who took a chance on equality when such things still stood as highly taboo.

In this day and age where younger LGBT folks may not understand how ground-breaking some of these steps were, it’s interesting to look back and see how the slow march forward to equality began.

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