College student pranks class with semester-long hispanic accent

In his public-speaking class at Los Angeles City College, Jose Barrientos has spoken in front of his classmates in a Mexican accent about his idol, actor David Hasselhoff, and the history of Cinco de Mayo.

But in the final speech of the semester last week, Barrientos, 26, an aspiring comedian, ditched the intonation he had been using since August to reveal that he had pulled a prank on all of them.

The Army veteran switched to his normal accent-less English during his persuasive speech. His classmates and his professor were stunned.

His professor seemed to think that was just fine. Barrientos said he got his final grade back in the class Tuesday, and earned a 700 out of 700 for the course.

“My professor pulled me aside, looked me in the eye, and said, ‘Well done,’ and sort of walked away,” he said.

After the big reveal, Barrientos posted a video on YouTube that documented his speeches throughout the semester, as well as his classmates’ reactions after his final speech. The video has garnered more than 1.5 million hits since it was posted a week ago.

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