Co-Hosting “Valley View Live” For World AIDS Day 2015

The folks over at Valley View Live here in Las Vegas asked me back co-host today, and we kicked off the show with a discussion of World AIDS Day.

I love how fast live TV goes – FAST. I enjoyed getting what I consider important information out there, but made a point to get as much in as possible.

Watching this, the one thing that gets me is I tripped up talking about the new injectable HIV meds in the pipeline that would allow folks to trade their daily meds for a single shot once every two months. As I started to talk about it, I thought the floor producer was indicating to us to start wrapping up the segment, so my formerly blond brain rushed a bit and I accidentally said, “once a year pill” instead of “once a day.” Fortunately Megan had my back and corrected that without pointing up my slip.

I was there for the entire hour, so at the half way mark they graciously allowed a segment about the launch of my new companion podcast, The Randy Report, on BlogTalkRadio. Glad I got a shoutout to my former radio show co-host, Candi.

Hit the two segments below. And if you like, feel free to tweet them or post on their Facebook page that you liked seeing me on the show 🙂