Christmas Music: Matt Zarley “Don’t Save It All For Christmas Day”

Matt Zarley & Jake

Matt Zarley released his new music video today, “Don’t Save It All For Christmas Day,” which shares a true nugget of wisdom: express that love and joy for people in your life every day, not just those ‘special’ moments during the holidays.

Longtime readers will recognize a cameo by my handsome hubby, Michael, and our beautiful mama dog, Sabrina, at the beginning of the video. Matt asked folks for clips of love being freely shared, and he included this clip we’ve long-loved of Sabrina who lived for kissing Michael every night.

Matt’s impressive vocals go from pensive to powerful on the touching ballad originally recorded by Celine Dion in 1998.

Since then its been covered by Christian group Avalon (2000) and American Idol alum Clay Aiken (2004). But, I’m thinking Matt pretty much nails it here.

Merry merry, folks. Don’t save it up… 🙂