Christian Rocker Trey Pearson Talks Coming Out On THE VIEW

A few days ago, I wrote about Christian rocker Trey Pearson of Everyday Sunday who recently made to decision to come out publicly.

Today, Pearson sat down with the ladies of The View to talk on his coming out journey, and the effect it’s had on his life and family.

Text via Towleroad:

• “I grew up in a Christian home and church where I was taught that God hated homosexuality and I could choose to be straight. And I tried for a really long time. And I don’t think I was ever trying to lie to anyone. I was trying to convince myself that I could be something I wasn’t.”

• On his now ex-wife of seven and a half years when he came out to her:“By the time I was able to tell myself and tell her, she just hugged me and cried and told me how proud of me she was for being able to be honest with myself. She’s been my biggest supporter, my biggest advocate.”

• The moment he saw his dad after his story (and he) was finally out: “The day that my story came out, my dad was at work and he read it. And he showed up on my porch while I was curled up on the couch, not sure what people would think, who would be talking about it. And he just knocked on the door – I had no idea he was coming – and he just hugged me for ten minutes and told me how much he loved me.”

• On still being a Christian today: “I feel I’m more in love with Jesus and the scriptures than ever.”

• On the near future: “I’m not dating. I decided to take at least a year to get to know myself as a gay person before starting to get to know who somebody else is in that sort of way,” said Pearson.

Very well-spoken, Trey has a raw honesty in his voice that sounds very freeing for him.

Congrats Trey on living life as who you are!

Watch the segment below: