Chris Matthews on President Obama’s debate performance

I agree with Chris Matthews here.  Last night was President Obama’s opportunity to begin the end of the campaign.  Instead, he gave Romney a chance to get his footing before Election Day.

I understand that the President was going for “look Presidential, cool, and calm” but it came off “lackluster.”

This morning on MSNBC, David Axelrod – adviser to President Obama said:
“I understand there was a hunger for us to attack Romney more
personally than the president did last night,” he allowed. “The
president was talking to the American people…treating the American
people like adults.”

Axelrod said the president would “review” his
performance and “if he wants to make some changes in the next debate he
will do so.”

I don’t think this will affect the election at this point as there are so few undecideds, and Obama has solid margins in important swing states like Ohio.

But he can’t afford another one of these.

I break into a cold sweat when I even start to think of a Romney administration.