Chris Cornell of Soundgarden steps up to homophobe

Chris Cornell of Soundgarden steps up to homophobe

Sources say that Chris Cornell, of Soundgarden,  was seen breaking up a fight in the Alaska Airlines lounge in the Seattle airport last Thursday. When a guy in a business suit called another man a “queer” after he overheard him make a pro-Obama statement, Cornell vocally stepped up in the packed lounge and slammed the guy for making anti-gay comments.

According to a passenger in the lounge, Cornell said: “You’re a prick. You deliberately called him a queer to make him feel uncomfortable in front of a lot of people.”

Security then came and the man in the suit who made the original comments was asked to leave.

The other passenger and some Alaska reps thanked Cornell for his help and intervention.

Just another reason why I’m liking Chris Cornell even more right now.

If you’re a fan, make sure you check out his solo CD “Songbook.”  Happy to support the good guys.