CBS/New York Times Polls Shows Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump

According to the latest CBS/New York Times poll, Hillary Clinton now holds a six point lead (47% – 41%)  lead over Donald Trump, down from 10 points a month ago.

From CBS:

Contentious primary contests on both sides haven’t turned off many primary voters from voting for their party’s candidate in a likely November match-up between Trump and Clinton, even if these candidates are not their preferred primary choice.

Seventy-one percent of Republican voters who did not support Trump in the primaries would still vote for him against Clinton.

On the Democratic side, 72 percent of Sanders supporters would vote for Clinton against Donald Trump.

Real Clear Politics aggregates all current polls for the current presidential season here.

It’s worth noting that while Trump has seemingly clinched his nomination
for the Repubs, Hillary continues to fight on two fronts – Trump for
the general election, and a tenacious Bernie Sanders who continues to
spar for the out of reach Dem nomination.