The Candi & Randy Show: Welcome Back

The Candi & Randy Show: Welcome Back

Sunday night on The Candi & Randy Show we talked about my recent adventure ‘down-under’ to Australia for the premiere of Olivia Newton-John’s new movie “A Few Best Men” – which opened this weekend to the best box office numbers for an Australian comedy in 12 years!

Click here to listen to the show.

We also talk about the men of Australia, my stay at Olivia’s fantastic award-winning Gaia Resort and Spa, go on a walking tour of Melbourne with Olivia and a few other adventures along the way.

Plus we play a few tracks from the soundtrack of “A Few Best Men” featuring Olivia.

So hit play and find out what a movie red carpet is like, plus what it’s like to almost miss your international plane ride home.

If you’d rather download from iTunes for free and listen at your leisure – here’s the link.

(There’s a mandatory ad at the beginning that the player doesn’t play, just give it about 15 seconds…)