Campaign ad: “Made In Ohio”

Mitt Romney famously advocated letting the auto industry go bankrupt. President Obama led the charge to save the auto industry.

In Ohio, 1 out of 8 jobs is connected to the auto industry.

Mitt Romney now says what he “meant” was that the auto corporations should have gone through bankruptcy proceedings and let private industry money come in and save them. The problem is: no one with that amount of money was willing to step up to the plate.

President Obama made the right call, saved thousands of jobs, and the US auto industry is again on top.

We have a clear choice this election.

The guy who saved the auto industry, got us our of Iraq, is ending the war in Afghanistan, got Osama bin Laden, repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and whose policies helped lead the stock market to almost double in four years and saw new home building starts jump 15% last month.

Is this hard to figure out, America?

p.s. that was not a trick question.