BSmith ad celebrates gay marriage

For a quarter of a century, B. Smith Enterprises has quietly supported those in need by being the center of the community on Restaurant Row in New York City,  and will now be running an ad playfully supporting gay marriage in Dan’s Papers this weekend and throughout the summer.

Inspired by the six colors of the rainbow that symbolize gay and lesbian community pride (pictured), it says:

According to Dan Gasby, Chairman of B. Smith Enterprises, “B. Smith stands for civil rights and human rights; for people whom, no matter what their political leanings or religious beliefs, should be free to love who they choose unfettered. Coming off of President Obama’s recent support of gay marriage, we wanted to make a statement about how we believe the world should be. Our message: be thankful, be supportive, be expressive, be yourself. We also want to commend the NAACP for their courage and leadership in supporting and recognizing this critical human rights issue: people should be allowed to love whomever they wish.”