Bryan Ruby Sings About Life & The Unexpected ‘Left Field’

Out country music artist Bryan Ruby playing guitar
Out country music recording artist Bryan Ruby (image via official Facebook)

Bryan Ruby, the only out player in professional baseball, is also an terrific country music singer/songwriter who’s penned several songs for other artists like Hayden Joseph and Cassandra. He recently dropped his debut single, “Left Field,.

“‘Left Field’ is all about the unexpected,” Ruby shares in a press statement. “It’s about the things we can’t possibly plan for, big or small, that come into our lives and change us forever.

“Sometimes we think we have an idea of what we want and then life gets in the way with something totally unexpected,” he adds. “At the end of the day, those are the things that shape us the most.”

It’s waking up to snow on Christmas day
The last picked kid with the winning play

It’s that first real kiss in the dashboard light
Didn’t see it coming but it changed your life

All proceeds from the new track will go to Proud To Be In Baseball, an LGBTQ non-profit support group founded by Ruby. The group’s mission is to empower and advocate for the next generation of LGBTQ people in baseball.

The country hottie just performed at Montclair Pride and the New York Mets Pride Night. He has a concert at NYC’s Rockwood Hall on June 19, as well as an appearance at the Baltimore Orioles Pride Night June 22.

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