Bryan Fischer segues from the Inaugural to attacking gays “right to sodomy”

I give you Bryan Fischer of the virulently anti-gay American Family Association.

I love that Fischer brings up the fact that sodomy was outlawed for 200 years. Slavery was legal for hundreds of years, but we finally stopped that. Women couldn’t vote for hundreds of years – that wrong was righted. Do I really need to explain again how society evolves?

What happens in the bedroom of two consenting adults is a matter of privacy. And the Supreme Court has ruled on the right of privacy. And it’s a pretty common sense issue at that.

In case you ever wonder why I write and post so much about marriage equality and equal rights, here’s what the LGBT community deals with every day of our lives.

Many people may not be aware that this kind of propaganda happens every single day in the world.

So, if you ever wonder why I’m so adamant about equality for all, watch this video and realize that this is what gays and lesbians have to cope with all the time.

(via RightWingWatch)