Bryan Fischer says Americans are tired of LGBT-inclusive advertising

Bob Witeck, president of strategic communications firm Witeck Communications, talks about the recent surge in LGBT inclusive advertising:

“What we’re witnessing is the idea that you don’t have to isolate gay ads and messaging to markets only intended for gay people. Families all look different from the traditional family Americans grew up with 50 years ago. They are far more multiracial, more single parents, more gay couples raising kids. If you start leaving them out, you’re not only erasing gay people, but you’re also erasing people who are part of people’s family.”

But of course, the haters have to weigh in on the dreaded diversity of America.

Bryan Fischer, of the certified hate group The American Family Association, says ordinary Americans are growing tired of advertising featuring diverse, gay families:

“I think eventually this LGBT advertising push is gonna trigger a blowback from ordinary Americans. I think that ordinary Americans are getting fed up with having the homosexual agenda shoved down their throats when they’re watching TV with their families. What American families are gonna begin to react to is that they are recognizing that this is no longer about advertising a product. This is about propaganda for a sexually deviant lifestyle.”

Check out the “agenda” getting “shoved down their throats” via the recent Chevy commercial above. You’ll note a family with two dads at the :10 mark.

Fischer is horrified, I’m thrilled. The diversity of our country is our strength.

(via Towleroad)