Bryan Fischer: President Obama wants to take guns away from evangelical Christians

Ok, it’s officially the “Day of Nutty News” I’ve decided.

If the videos of the bigots from “Stand with Scouts Sunday” weren’t enough today, we get news that consistent asshat Bryan Fischer of the misleadingly named “American Family Association” (they don’t really represent ALL families – like LGBT families) has announced that President Obama wants to disarm Christian gun owners:

American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer is convinced that President Obama’s pledge to “keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people,” a remark he made while speaking in Mexico City, is actually a veiled attempt to lay the groundwork to forcibly “disarm people of the Christian faith.”

Fischer said that Obama is “setting up the stage to take guns away from evangelicals” and classify them as terrorists: “‘You believe in Jesus Christ?’ ‘Yes I certainly do sir.’ ‘Give me your gun, we’re coming into your house and taking your guns, you’re dangerous, you’re a threat you’re an extremist, you’re a terrorist threat, we can’t let you have a gun.’”

I think this is all a contest between who can make the most false accusation before sun down.