Bryan Fischer could not “choose” to have sex with a man

Bryan Fischer, of the anti-gay hate group American Family Association, has long shared that he does not believe gays and lesbians are born gay. That their sexual behavior is by choice. That they can CHOOSE to have same-sex relations.

But when caller to his radio show asked if Fischer could have sex with a man (it’s a “choice” you know…) Fischer was a little dumbfounded because he simply couldn’t “choose” to do the “deed” with a man:

Caller: Could you have sex with a man?

Fischer: I’m sorry?

Caller: Could you have sex with a man?

Fischer: Would I?

Caller: Could you?

Fischer: No.

Caller: I thought it was a choice?

Fischer: Sure it is, I’m just saying it’s emotionally, morally, mentally impossible for me—

Caller: But you just told me that you couldn’t do it?

Fischer: Yeah, I couldn’t do it, there was no way; there is nothing in me that would let me do that.

Caller: OK. How do you think I feel about women?

Fischer: I don’t know. How do you feel about women?

Caller: There ain’t no way.

So when gays and lesbians don’t choose to have sex with someone of the opposite sex, it’s their own choice and a sin. When Bryan Fischer can’t choose to have sex with a man, it’s just impossible.

But remember – Fischer says it’s all a choice…

(via Right Wing Watch)