Broadway’s ANYTHING GOES celebrates it’s closing today – living the “Good Life”

From the cast of the Broadway revival of ANYTHING GOES which closes today at the Stephen Sondheim Theater in NYC.

This is a great answer to the question “what’s it like performing on Broadway?”

Besides being able to live the dream of appearing on Broadway, the camaraderie and sense of family can be amazing. Take a look. This tells a great story.

Congratulations to all on a successful journey.

From the YouTube notes: ANYTHING GOES opened at the Stephen Sondheim Theater on April 7, 2011 and closed on July 8, 2012. From Rehearsals, to Sitz Probe, to Tony Awards, to all the backstage craziness, it has been a pleasure sailing on the SS American with this amazing cast & crew.

“Good Life” sung by OneRepublic

(compiled from a year and a half’s worth of iphone, camera, and digital footage)