Alt-Pop Artist CLAY Is “Breathing Into Bloom” With New EP

Alt-pop artist CLAY releases her poignant new EP - Breathing Into Bloom
Alt-pop recording artist CLAY (photo: Kanya Iwana)

Alt-pop artist CLAY shares her new EP, Breathing Into Bloom – an unapologetic, vulnerable exploration of the artist’s experiences with the delicate topics of mental health and unrequited love.

Co-produced by CLAY, Breathing Into Bloom is stoked with heart, honesty, moody soul-searching melodies, and graceful vulnerability.

“’Breathing into Bloom’ is about accepting that healing is a process, one that has many phases and breaths, ups and downs, and learning how to love yourself throughout the journey,” shares the artist.

Alt-pop artist CLAY releases her poignant new EP - Breathing Into Bloom

Check out the airy arrangement and soulful, uplifting vocals of the title track, “Breathing Into Bloom.”

“WTSGD” (When The Sun Goes Down) with Alessia Cara is a gorgeous journey to finding inner peace. The track has rightfully garnered nearly 2 million streams on Spotify alone.

And the closing track, “Sunday,” is a pensive portrait of self-questioning that lands in the center of the artist’s musical heart.

Alt-Pop Artist CLAY Is “Breathing Into Bloom” With New EP
CLAY (photo: Kanya Iwana)

Practicing what she calls “radical vulnerability” has led to the most intimate and open-hearted music of her career to date.

As a queer biracial woman, CLAY found the alignment between music and politics naturally. She had an unconventional upbringing in San Francisco, raised by a community of her parents and their friends.

Their houses criss-crossed neighborhoods including her own in the Mission District, leaving space for CLAY to connect with the city’s multicultural and diverse community, and learn the importance of chosen family. The historic social justice movements of the Bay Area laid the groundwork for the work she does today to create liberation through music.

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Influenced by the likes of Erykah Badu, Paul Simon, and Lauryn Hill, CLAY’s music proves an addictive concoction, driven by her bruised, soulful voice and flourishing musical backdrops.

With over 17M streams across 520K+ monthly listeners on Spotify, CLAY is definitely an artist to follow. I like.

Listen to the full Breathing Into Bloom EP below. You can follow CLAY on Instagram here.