Boy Scouts President Calls For Ending Ban On Adult Leaders

Boy Scouts of America president Robert Gates has announced the organization will no longer revoke chapters that accept gay adult leaders.

The organization took no formal action on its current policy to ban gay adult leaders, but Gates said the group can no longer “ignore growing internal challenges to our current membership policy.”

“Nor can we ignore the social, political and juridicial changes taking place in our country – changes taking place at a pace over this past year no one anticipated,” he said. “We must deal with the world as it is, not as we might wish it to be.”

Gates’ remarks were welcome news to those who have been challenging the Scouts’ longstanding anti-gay policies.

“While our work won’t be done until we see a full end to their ban on gay adults once and for all, today’s announcement is a significant step in that direction,” said Scouts for Equality executive director Zach Wahls. “I’m proud to see Dr. Gates charting a course towards full equality in the BSA.”