Biden Announces Sweeping Actions To Address Surging COVID

President Joe Biden announced several actions today to address the surging coronavirus pandemic including requiring most federal employees to get the COVID vaccine without the option of getting regular testing.

OSHA is developing a rule that will require vaccinations or once-a-week testing for companies with more than 100 employees, set to be implemented in the coming weeks.

Health care workers at Medicare and Medicaid participating hospitals and other health care settings — more than 17 million people — will be required to get vaccinated.

Production of rapid testing kits will be ramped up via the Defense Production Act, and the administration is also preparing boosters to start as early as the week of September 20.

The president said he will ensure school officials who are financially punished by state governments for mandating face masks (Florida – this means you) will be paid:

Biden also asked the TSA to double its penalties for folks acting out on airlines over face masks:

During his speech, Biden asked, “What more is there to wait for? What more do you need to see? We have made vaccinations free, safe, & convenient. The vaccine is FDA approved…”