Bernie Sanders Is “Stunned” To Be Leading Democratic White House Candidates

New polling shows Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont now leading in the first two primary states in the upcoming presidential election.

A new Quinnipiac University poll gives Sanders a one point lead over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 41%-40%.

And a new NBC News/Marist poll shows Sanders ahead 41% to Clinton’s 32%

Highlights from Sen. Bernie Sanders interview with Wolf Blitzer:

“You want me to tell you the truth? Yes, I’m stunned.” Sanders said when asked if he was surprised to be leading in recent polls in Iowa and New Hampshire.

“Look, we have a message that I believed from day one was going to resonate with the American people.

“Did I think (the issues) would resonate as quickly as they have? The answer is no.”

“I am going to be doing everything that I can to see that the Democratic Party is successful in November.”

Sanders says his campaign has taken in over 400,000 donations averaging $31.20.