Ben Cohen Launches New Fragrance For Men

Ben Cohen Launches New Fragrance For Men

Hunky, handsome retired rugby champ and LGBT ally Ben Cohen has launched his own fragrance, Ben Cohen For Men.

Because, let’s face it, don’t you want to know what he smells like?

Now, at least YOU can smell like him.

From Herald & Post:

“I never thought I’d be one day launching a fragrance, but here I am! And I’m glad I am.

“It has been a great journey doing this – from being approached by a company to launch my own fragrance, through to choosing a scent and then seeing the finished product.

“I really like the fragrance because the company that created it have delivered what I want – which is a fresh, woody and cirtrusy smell.

“In fact, I am using it all the time now – like water! Well, maybe not like water, but I do use it a lot.”

The 36-year-old’s new fragrance has been described on the Superdrug website as having a ‘fresh aroma that is both rugged but mellow, with top notes of citrus and an underlying woody scent it has been designed to appeal to men of all ages’.

And just to remind you… 🙂

Ben Cohen Launches New Fragrance For Men