Ben Carson Only Became A “Republican” Less Than A Year Ago

Ben Carson Only Became A “Republican” Less Than A Year Ago

Well, this is interesting.

It seems the current #2 in the GOP race for the presidential nomination has only been an “official” Republican for less than a year.

From The American Mirror:

Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump has received a lot of scrutiny for donating to Democratic politicians in the past. But Republican primary voters may be curious to know why one of his chief rivals, Dr. Ben Carson, officially joined the Republican Party less than one year ago.

The American Mirror has obtained several public records that show Dr. Ben Carson, one of Trump’s chief rivals, did not affiliate with the Republican Party until he changed his voter registration on October 31, 2014.

Carson filed this “record update/change” on that date to change his party affiliation to “Republican Party of Florida” — less than six months before declaring his candidacy for the Republican nomination for president.

Additionally, although the good doctor was a registered voter in Maryland for many years, it seems he never voted in a primary.