Australia’s Jordan Bruno Named Mr. Gay World 2018

Australian chef and author Jordan Bruno named Mr. Gay World 2018
Jordan Bruno, Mr. Gay World 2018
(photo: Fred LeMarche)

Australian author and chef Jordan Bruno has been crowned Mr. Gay World 2018.

This marks the first time an Aussie has taken the coveted title since the competition began ten years ago.

According to the official website, the aim of the global contest is to “inspire and empower gay men to come together in a public performance that would show the world that being gay encompasses a broad spectrum.”

Over an intense four days, contestants compete in several categories including a sports challenge, a photo shoot competition, a runway fashion show and a swim suit competition.

Bruno won six out of 12 competition categories including personal interview, social responsibility, best in formal wear, online vote, photogenic and face of 2018.

“I was overwhelmed and it’s really an honor. For Australia, it gives us visibility and recognition, but it also gives us permission to help the world now. With the title behind me, I’m able to shine a light on different LGBTI issues across the world,” said Bruno.

The handsome 26-year-old says he wants to use his title to help bring the LGBTQ community together by addressing issues like femme shaming, body issues, lesbian discrimination at pride events and more.

New Zealand’s Ricky Devine-White and India’s Samarpan Maiti won second and third place respectively.

Bruno says he became close to his competitors over the course of the contest telling Attitude Magazine, “The fact [is] that you are in a competition and you’re also like a family at the same time, which is quite interesting because you are competing against each other but also each other’s best friend as well.”

“I’ll keep in touch with all of these guys, they are now part of the family when we travel to their countries,” he added.

Check out more pics of the woofy Mr. Jordan Bruno below.