Australia: Check Out This Cheeky Marriage Proposal

Shortly after Australia’s Chief Statistician revealed that 62% of Aussies approve of same-sex marriage, Melbourne-based Mark Keevers decided to surprise his boyfriend Andrew with a cheeky marriage proposal.

Andrew competes with the Melbourne Surge water polo team. After the Surge’s latest match, Mark met Andrew poolside and placed a rainbow flag towel around his shoulders.

With their favorite song, Jess Glynne’s ‘Hold My Hand’, playing in the background Mark dropped to one knee and directed Mark’s attention to his teammates whose swimsuited bums spelled out “Marry me?”

“He is just everything” Mark told The Star Observer. “He has this passion for everything he does. We have the same values, and want the same things, it’s perfect.

Mark also expressed his gratitude to his countrymen for the all-important “Yes” vote from the recent mail-in survey.

“The ‘Yes’ result is completely validating,” he said. “To see that people in my own country see me as legitimate and the same.”

The happy couple