Anti-Masker Punches Store Owner During Protest Stunt

Screen captures of Kevin Johnston looking foolish at a grocery store in British Columbia

Obnoxious Canadian anti-masker, Kevin Johnston, makes a fool of himself at a store in British Columbia.

Johnston, an anti-Muslim vlogger, has made a name for himself for his racist, anti-Indigenous, and anti-Muslim activism.

In this incident, he walks into the No Frills store with the intention of taking the products, throwing a $5 bill to the cashier as he exits, and ends up punching the store owner during an altercation in the parking lot.

He then declares he’s making a ‘citizens arrest’ over the store owner trying to protect his business.

And then the police arrive.

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Johnston is still awaiting trial for wilful promotion of hatred under Criminal Code Section 319(2). In 2017, Johnston posted a video offering a $1,000 reward for footage of Toronto Muslim students praying at school.

A five-month-long investigation resulted in charges, but in the almost four years since, he has yet to face trial.

Johnston also owes $2.5 million for statements he made about Paramount Fine Foods owner Mohamad Fakih during a protest. At the time, Ontario Superior Court Justice Jane Ferguson called Johnston’s actions toward Fakih “hate speech at its worst.”