Anti-LGBT activists protest in front of Human Rights Campaign HQ

Reports say about 2 dozen anti-gay activists gathered at the Human Rights Campaign offices to demonstrate more hate for the LGBT community on our “front door,” so to speak.

Here are some choice tidbits from the “press conference:”

Peter LaBarbera: “The escalation of homosexual power is bad for America….The deviant sexual revolution represented by the HRC headquarters behind us is built on a foundation of lies….You could fill a small book with the fake gay hate crimes that have been staged over the years….Most sins don’t get their own Pride parade.”

From Mission America’s Linda Harvey: “And children will be led into darkness, deception, and sin… HRC wants children to embrace the stress and anxiety of gender confusion. How wicked.”

From Diane Gromley, American Family Association: “What is their to be proud of when the sexual activity in which one chooses to engage leads to increased health risk and early death…Gay is definitely not okay as the human body responds to being misused during unnatural homosexual sex.”

Nice, right?