Andrew McCabe: Trump Disputed US Intelligence Reports “I Don’t Care – I Believe Putin”

Former FBI director Andrew McCabe on CBS’ 60 Minutes

Speaking to 60 Minutes’ Scott Pelley, former FBI director Andrew McCabe shared an episode from a security briefing with Donald Trump in which the president told intelligence heads he didn’t believe their reports on North Korea’s intercontinental ballistic missile capabilities.

When the intel chiefs explained their sourcing and report, Trump reportedly fired back, “I don’t care. I believe Putin.”

“The president launched into several unrelated diatribes. One of those was commenting on the recent missile launches by the government of North Korea. And, essentially, the president said he did not believe that the North Koreans had the capability to hit us here with ballistic missiles in the United States. And he did not believe that because President Putin had told him they did not. President Putin had told him that the North Koreans don’t actually have those missiles. Intelligence officials in the briefing responded that that was not consistent with any of the intelligence our government possesses. To which the president replied, ‘I don’t care. I believe Putin’.”

After the airing of 60 Minutes, Trump took to Twitter to retweet his attacks on McCabe, and added this:

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