Anderson Cooper: Guests denounce anti-gay rant by NC Pastor Charles Worley

Rev. Welton Gaddy, President of Interfaith Alliance joined Anderson Cooper to discuss Pastor Charles L. Worley, whose sermon, which we posted yesterday, suggested gays and lesbians be rounded up, put in electrified pens, and let them die.

Said Gaddy of Worley:

“In one fell swoop this angry minister managed to discredit from his pulpit both the Constitution of the United States and the compassion that we find in the bible, and additionally he did a very dangerous thing by planting seeds of hatred in sick minds that in the right circumstances can act on them and do the kind of violence that has no place in our world.”

In additional news, Catawba Valley Citizens Against Hate are nto happy about the Pastor’s message, and have organized a protest on Sunday at 10 am:

We are organizing a PEACEFUL protest
against Pastor Worley’s bigoted and hate filled rhetoric. Regardless if
you are gay or straight, Christian or not… this rhetoric is dangerous
and harmful. Taking a peaceful stand for our right to life, liberty and
the pursuit of happiness is paramount.

More details about the
protest will be posted to this page soon. Please, only RSVP if you plan
to come. If you are out of town, and support our cause but will not be
coming to the event, please do not RSVP. In lieu of participating in
this event, you can email Pastor Worley at, to let him
know what you think of his rhetoric. Remember, making threats against
Pastor Worley will not help our cause and may result in criminal charges
against you. Keep your message clean, clear and peaceful.